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GamOvr is a collaborative effort to share video game pictures we find interesting.

You can contact us at the following e-mail address: gamovr@mx981.com and you can check the latest post on iGoggle Add to Google

The GamOvr team:
Nic from MX981
Sissi from Erdbeerfenster
Mia from BeyondDS
Captain Algeria from La Crampe Aux Doigts
... who loves the meat circus level
Raton-laveur famous for his Editotaku
Game A from La faute a la manette!
Link from Pixels & Polygons

> What is this sign "≡" next to each picture?
This is a sign used in mathematics to indicate an equivalence relation (Wikipedia). We use it to link to a permanent page for a single picture because a permalink is a equivalence of a single item.

> I'm puzzled. Your name is GamOvr so you obviously you hate like me the fifth letter in the alphabet (which will remain nameless). But your pages are still full of this diabolic letter. What can you do?

r3mov3 th3 3vil l3tt3r
I'm not a maniac, just display gamovr as it should be

> Where do you find the pictures?
We pick the pictures a bit everywhere, but we have some favorite websites we like to check to get new pictures:
Next Generation
Tiny Cartridge
Game Watch

And of course we have some special friends:

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